other available works

"Aberration" is a 20 page, limited edition book containing graphite, watercolor, colored pencil, photo collage and journal entries surrounding themes eveident in these excerpts. If you click through this gallery you can see some of the work. 

limited copies

$40 plus shipping


"Ray" - original work

Charcoal on aged newsprint. A portrait of my grandfather.

This is also a larger piece and measures 22" x 34"

"Ray" comes in frame pictured.

$100 plus shipping


"julian's naruto powers revealed"

a large painting, this peice measures 18" x 24"

watercolor on watercolor paper $100

this is a portrait of julian rifkin- my former band mate (the nocturnes) - i was watching a lot of naruto when i painted this. i was sure julian possesed super powers smilar to those in the anime show i was so fond of.

the painting features julian having a pastel purple skin against which his bright red glasses and markings pop.

$100 plus packing and shipping

"daniel vomits rainbows"

pencil and colored pencil on drawing paper

this is the original drawing that was included in the artwork for the nocturnes "a year of spring"

it features the drummer, daniel yasmin, vomiting a rainbow

$40 plus packing and shipping




"In Ecstasy"

This simple pencil drawing features an amputee girl child in exctasy

pencil on paper

9" x 11"

"In Ecstasy" comes unframed

$40 plus shipping